What is Footwork Autosport?


About Us

Founded in 2012, Footwork Autosport is a brand specialist for hard-to-get names such as Aimgain, Quantam Racing Suspension, Legsport, Autoexe, and Toyota Technocraft . 

By introducing these brands to the North American region, customers will now be able to outfit their vehicles with rare one-of-a-kind genuine parts. 



With the great success of Weds Japan and the growing favoritism of the Super GT WedsSport Bando Racing team, Footwork Autosport was initially intended to be the supplemental online store for Weds products and accessories. 

The addition of performance parts came from the love of motorsport and having access to unique performance brands that were not yet popular in North America.  


Automotive Specialty

Quality and reliability of parts is extremely important. With that, Footwork Autosport aims to bring in brands that develop products in cooperation with automotive manufacturers to ensure the best fit and finish possible. 

With over 40 years of combined experience working in the automotive industry, Footwork Autosport’s knowledgeable staff is here to serve the consumers needs.