LegSport Super-Lock Rear Subframe Support Kit FRS/BRZ


LegSport Super-Lock Rear Subframe Support Kit for FRS/BRZ

There is a lot of mystery behind what this item actually do.  Perhaps we can help shed some light to this.  Since the introduction of modular chassis, for a RWD cars, much of the torque and lateral load challenge the rear subframe assembly.  Most OE come with rubber type insulator or cushion to reduce the road noise, however in a performance driving environment, the OE rubber does compromise the performance, particularly when a car is using softer, higher performance tire and suspension.  Because the higher grip level developed from the tire, naturally it will stress the chassis even further, thus stiffening the chassis would benefit the tires performance which translate to a better handling car.

LegSport Super-Lock Rear Subframe Support Kit replaces the factory OE rubber type.

** There is a chance cabin noise may increase ** 

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