LegSport Rear Sway-Bar Adjustable End-Links for FR-S/BRZ


LegSport Rear Sway-Bar Adjustable End-Link Kit for FR-S/BRZ

Sway-Bar End-Links may just be one of the most misunderstood suspension components out on the market. When you lower your vehicle, most of the time the sway bar ends tends to change in position, adding additional tension to the bar where it can or can not be beneficial to your suspension setup.  What the adjustable end-link can do is help restore your sway bar position close(r) to OE spec or you can add (pre-load) or reduce the tension load on the sway bar depending on your setup. While this adjustment can be very tedious, the end result with a proper adjusted sway bar can be a huge improvement in your vehicle's handling characteristics. We would consider this item a "fine tuning" component.

Price indicated is for (1) set of rear adjustable end-link set.

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