LegSport Hyper Intake Scoop for FR-S / BRZ


LegSport Hyper Intake Scoop for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ

The LegSport Hyper Intake scoop inlet sits directly behind the factory bumper front opening providing cool air and increases the airbox pressure for positive feed to your engine.  This yields improved intake air temperature which translates to better performance and engine response.

With proper engine tuning, we have seen horsepower increases of 5+. (HP #'s will vary with certain factors such as the filter element used and other engine modification parts involved).

It will also work with the TRD Airbox with minor modification to the insulation material behind the bumper.

Installation is fairly simple, but does require removing the bumper and modification of the styrofoam cushion on the bumper support.

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