Footwork Autosport PCD Variations Wobble Bolts


FOOTWORK Autosport - M12 PCD Variations Bolts (Wobble Bolts)

Driving a European or American vehicle but want to fit a JDM wheel's popular 5-114.3 bolt pattern?  Legsport's simple solution uses PCD bariation bolts - AKA "Wobble Bolts". Wobble bolts were first developed in Europe, as many wheel importers importing JDM wheels to the European market and PCD matching was a problem; this is where Wobble bolts come in. While the most common JDM wheel PCD is 5H-114.3, a common PCD in Europe is 5H-112 (VW, Audi and Mercedes). 

Wobble bolts are capable of adapting the 5-112 PCD to a 5-114.3 PCD by borrowing the gap of the lug holes. The bolt is design as a two-piece unit with the shaft (or shank) and a conical washer. Since it is two separate unit, the shaft is able to offset the center axle from the center of the conical washer.  Because most JDM wheel lug holes are drilled at 13mm to accommodate M12 size studs, it leaves enough room for the wobble bolt shaft to sit off-center from the lug holes. The conical washer still sits centered in the lug hole to make full contact to the taper seat in the lug hole providing positive contact to the wheel and hub. This is a much safer alternative than filling and drilling or enlarging existing lug holes.

A 5-114.3 wheel using the PCD Variations Bolt can accommodate vehicles with 5-112 & 5-115 with a M12 lug bolt size.

Our PCD Variations Bolts are manufactured by a premium European lug nut manufacturer.  A certified ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001 by the TUV factory for quality assurance and consistency.

!! Warning (Must read this first for safe vehicle operation) !!

*    Please check what size your factory (OE) lug bolt diameter is (M12 or M14) and (Shaft Length and thread length)
*    For M12 applications - Make sure your intended wheel lug hole diameter is 13mm or larger (Not exceeding 16mm).
*    For M14 applications - Make sure your intended wheel lug hole diameter is 15mm or larger (Not exceeding 16mm).

1. Thread on the PCD Variations Bolt first by hand, making sure there is no binding of thread and that the bolt is not bottoming out against your hub.

2. Once you find that the bolt sits correctly inside the wheel lug holes/wheel and that the PCD Variations Bolt fits securely to the vehicle, proceed to torque down the PCD Variation Bolt to 82 lbs/ft.

3. Test drive at slow speed whilst making sure there is no vibration.  If vibration occurs, DO NOT drive the vehicle.

4. After 200 miles, inspect and re-torque the bolt again.

WedsSport Series & Leonis Series Wheel Note -
All WedsSport & Leonis series wheels with the 5-114.3 bolt pattern are designed for M12 studs. The lug hole are 13mm in diameter. Hub Bores are 73mm unless otherwise specified.
Price shown is for set of (20) PCD Variations bolt(s).
When selecting (1), you are selecting for (1) set of 20 bolts.

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