Footwork Autosport was founded and established in 2004 by Jim Wang who has 20+ years of experience in the JDM aftermarket business. Footwork Autosport started as a small and yet effective company that catered to specialty segment of the market such as motor sport racing and off-road vehicles.

In 2012 Jim established Footwork International, Inc. and became the exclusive N. American distributor of Weds Co., LTD. and Super Star Co., LTD. of Japan, now operating as Weds Wheels North America.  Weds Wheels North America has created a network of dealers across United States and Canada to serve the enthusiasts.  

Footwork Autosport then became the retail outlet for Weds and Super Star brand products, mainly focusing on selling Accessories, Swags and Replacement items.  Footwork Autosport now operates as a division of Footwork International Inc.  Footwork Autosport has not veered away from its roots, Footwork Autosport continues to procure quality brand products such as LegSport Performance (Japan), Quantum Racing Suspension (UK), AIMGAIN Aero (Japan) and will continue to bring forth many more quality products from all over the globe.

We thank you for reading our story and we thank you for your business!

Footwork Autosport
A division of Footwork International Inc.